At Parkridge Goldendoodles we believe in raising puppies to their fullest potential. We understand some families just don’t have the time or experience to successfully train a young puppy. This is why we created an extended 3 month training and socialization program.

We want to help ease families into puppy ownership with a trained Goldendoodle. Our program takes what your puppy learned with us during early training (from 3 to 8 weeks) to an advanced level. From house training to loose leash walking your puppy will learn the essentials needed for family life.

To learn more fill out our puppy application, and we will arrange a time to connect with you.

Trained Goldendoodles


Ollie is our pick of the litter puppy from Mia and Fletcher. He is an apricot Teddy Bear Goldendoodle that will grow to aprox. 30lbs.  Ollie is an easygoing, calm and affectionate puppy. He enjoys going for walks on the beach, spending time with his family, and getting his belly rubbed. Ollie is a star in training class, and is often chosen to help the new puppies feel welcome. Ollie's favorite trick is to ring his doggy doorbell for treats.

Parents: Mia x Fletcher
Born: Feb 11, 2018  Available: July 11, 2018
Mini/Med Apricot Teddy Bear Goldendoodle
Price: $16,500
Ollie is Reserved