We give our all to our dogs, no matter what age they are.

Prior to becoming a sire or dam, every Parkridge Goldendoodle goes through a comprehensive examination to check joint, organ, and general health. Our list of required health clearances is located in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Just as importantly, every Parkridge Goldendoodle is well-loved and well-cared for by their Guardian Family because we know that happy, well-loved dogs make great parents.

english goldendoodle


Lucy lives with Lynn and her family in Nanaimo, BC. She is a cream, medium-sized F1 English/Teddy Bear Goldendoodle. Lucy is a friendly, calm, and patient girl. She enjoys family cuddles, swimming, and playing soccer. Lucy is an excellent mother and she is most happy when she is able to care for her puppies. In fact, she even tries to help with other puppies too!

apricot goldendoodle


Penny lives with her Guardian Family in Duncan, BC. She is a curly apricot and white parti, standard-sized F1b Goldendoodle. Her unique colouring makes her a special addition to our breeding program. Penny comes from a line of champion Poodles. Her puppies are just as gentle, fun, and affectionate as she is. One of her favourite things is snuggling up to her two (human) sisters who, funny enough, are also redheads!

teddy bear goldendoodle


Janji lives with his Guardian Family in Sannich, BC. He is a cream, medium-sized F1b English/Teddy Bear Goldendoodle. Janji lives with two young boys with whom he is always calm, sweet, affectionate, and super cuddly. He always has a smile on his face. His family tells us that he is the most popular dog in the neighbourhood because he gets along with everyone.

F1b Goldendoodle


Fletcher lives with his Guardian Family in Nanoose Bay, BC. He is a red, mini-sized F1b English/Teddy Bear Goldendoodle with white tuxedo markings. This handsome fella is a happy-go-lucky little guy. He loves camping and traveling with his family on their many adventures. Fletcher will often try to sneak up on the bed in the morning but his absolute favourite activity is snuggling with his family while watching tv on the couch. 

cream goldendoodle


Mia lives with Lina’s aunt and family. She is a cream, mini-sized F2b English/Teddy Bear Goldendoodle. Mia was born here at Parkridge to her parents are Lucy and Janji. Like her parents, she is calm, caring, and affectionate. Mia lives with 3 children who adore her. Every year, Mia travels with her family to California. She loves stand up paddleboarding with her surfer dad. She’ll only have one litter with us before she retires to her favourite activities of daily beach walks and agility classes.

mini goldendoodle


Rosie lives with her Guardian Family in Sidney, BC. She is a red, mini-sized F1 English/Teddy Bear Goldendoodle. This is Rosie’s family’s second guardian dog. Rosie loves cuddles, playing with her family, and being the centre of attention. Her family describes her as a bit of a ‘diva’ because she wants to be the one getting all the petting time. Rosie is a friendly dog who greets just about everyone on her walks, especially those who carry treats in their pockets!

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June lives with Lina in Cobble Hill, BC. She is a cream English Golden Retriever. June is one of two sisters who came from Europe through the same champion Golden Retriever breeder and veterinarian. June is very quiet and regal with a thick blocky snout. She is smart and absolutely wonderful with young children. June loves the beach, long walks, and playing in the water. June’s kryptonite is squeaky toys which turn her calm and patient demeanour into full-on puppy mode.

goldendoodles cream


Luna lives with her Guardian Family in Comox, BC. She is a cream English Golden Retriever. Luna is one of two sisters who came from Europe through the same champion Golden Retriever breeder and veterinarian. Luna is sweet, calm, smart, and curious. She loves playing with her family and other dogs. Her Guardian Family tells us that she easily wins the hearts of everyone she meets.

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Maggie lives with her Guardian Family in Cowichan Bay, BC. She is a cream, standard F1 English/Teddy Bear Goldendoodle. Maggie loves her down-to-earth family who takes her camping and gives her funny haircuts. Recently, Maggie was sporting a mohawk. She is happy, considerate, and just like her family, ready for any adventure.