Mia's Puppies


There's just one week before Mia's puppies  go to their new homes. Thanks to Devon Gillott we were able to capture the puppies among the first blooms of spring. 

Romeo is a gentle even tempered puppy. He is laid back, and a star during clicker training. He loves having his tummy rubbed, and will throw one leg in the air if he thinks a belly rub is coming. 

linas pups field_9999_53 - Copy.JPG
linas pups field_9999_56.JPG

Amor is a playful fun puppy. She gets excited to be a part of new games and training exercises. She is the only puppy in the litter with a cream coat. 

linas pups field_9999_84.JPG
linas pups field_9999_208.JPG

Kisses is our trainer's favorite puppy. She says "he is all dog". He will be a star at training class because he is smart, and energetic.

linas pups field_9999_287.JPG

Rose is a confidant, and smart puppy. She has a medium energy level, and is eager to learn new things. She has figured out how to sneak out of the puppy area for extra cuddles. 

linas pups field_9999_233.JPG
linas pups field_9999_242.JPG

Hershey is a very sweet mild mannered puppy. He loves affection, and really enjoys his one on one clicker training time. 

linas pups field_9999_151.JPG

Valentino is a mild mannered sensitive puppy. He is our calmest puppy, but needs extra encouragement during training exercises. He is a very sweet boy, and his tail wags so fast when he is excited. You will often find Valentino having a nap when the other puppies are playing.

red goldendoodle

Juliet has a lot of playful, fun energy. She is very enthusiastic, and eager to please. She was the first puppy to reach a lot of her developmental milestones. She is also a sensitive girl, and will need a gentle easygoing family.

apricot goldendoodle puppy