At Parkridge Goldendoodles, we are committed to a higher standard of breeding. From the breeding dogs we carefully select to the health and temperament testing of our puppies, from how we raise our puppies to the care we take in selecting and supporting our puppy families, we create a bar none experience that your family can trust.

What you can always expect from Parkridge Goldendoodles:

  • A healthy, adorable Goldendoodle puppy, vaccinated and microchipped

  • An enriched puppy program that includes lots of socialization and love

  • 24/7 support for our mama dog and puppies during pregnancy, birth, and early puppyhood

  • Professional temperament testing so that we find the right puppy for your family

  • A boutique puppy package to support the transition back home

  • Pictures of your puppy from birth until pick up

  • A generous health warranty

  • A financial donation from every puppy is made to support autism service through the charity National Service Dogs

This is our commitment to you and a small example of The Parkridge Difference.

Since 2010, Parkridge Goldendoodles has become renowned for Goldendoodle puppies that are healthy, well-behaved, and loving family members. We were born of an idea that breeding can be a wholesome experience for everyone involved and we are committed to being the absolute best in Goldendoodle breeder in Canada.


Lina Neufeld
founder, co-owner, head of operations

In 2010, Lina was able to turn her dream of moving to the country to raise Goldendoodle puppies into reality. Lina’s love for the science and genetics behind breeding sets Parkridge apart from other breeders. Lina’s husband, James, is also an important part of the Parkridge Team. A professional engineer, he created Parkridge Goldendoodle’s whelping system and he continues to develop techniques to help the rearing of Parkridge puppies.

Lina bred her first litter as a way of raising money for a charity close to her heart. Giving back to the community remains an important aspect of Parkridge Goldendoodles. Lina also creates natural soaps, and bath and body care products. You can view her work at

Lina, James, and their family live on an acreage in Cobble Hill, one hour north of Victoria, British Columbia.


Lynn Tait
co-owner, manager of customer care

Lynn is a canine midwifery specialist and a Vancouver Islander through-and-through. Lynn began her relationship with Parkridge Goldendoodles as a Guardian and in 2017, became a business partner to Lina. Lynn’s caring and compassionate nature are ideal for Parkridge. She is our Manager of Customer Care and a second home for our puppies.

Lynn values the art of slow living. In her free time, she grows a large vegetable garden, keeps bees for honey, and knits clothing. Aside from being an excellent puppy mom, Lynn is mom to four beautiful (human) children whom she homeschools on her property in Nanaimo, British Columbia.

Meet Our Family

Parkridge Goldendoodles wouldn’t be possible without Our Dogs and their Guardian Families. We know how important it is that every dog be raised in a loving and happy homes. Our breeding dogs live with their families throughout the year and are brought to Parkridge during mating and breeding, at which time they join ours at the centre of our homes.